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iNFINITE SPIRIT LTD is an independent expert culinary alcohol supplier based in Devon in the UK and Abruzzo in Italy!

Infinite Spirit Ltd  supply a dedicated range of high strength alcohols as ingredients to food producers throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland. We specialise in NATURAL and AUTHENTIC products with development and supply arrangements with producers in Italy and France. We are the exclusive supplier of culinary bulk alcohols in the British Isles.
Our unique partnership with , has enabled us to develop and refine traditional drink recipes to create the highest quality natural ingredient culinary alcohols. Luxardo? has remained an independent family-owned distillery since 1821 and is fully certified to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 quality and environmental standards.
Not only do we supply the largest offering of specialist ITALIAN alcohols: but as an independent company, we continue to take the lead in response to food industry demands for more natural developments. The latest iNFINITE SPIRIT collection demonstrates our increasing choice of All Natural Ingredient products, including a selection of authentic French ones too.

C/O George Hammond PLC,
Limekiln Street,
Kent CT17 9EF
TELEPHONE +44 (0) 800 999 3140
FAX +44 (0) 130 424 0374
MOBILE +44 (0) 797 056 4091

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The simple addition of alcohol to recipes adds a touch of luxury that sets them apart from everyday food choices. All our alcohols have been expertly selected or blended to ensure maximum flavour delivery when combined with strongly flavoured ingredients, and above all retaining full flavour over shelf life. Small doses of alcohol not only add obvious luxury but extend shelf life too!

For iNFINITELY more natural ingredients and a touch of luxury!